Repairs / Restoration / Underlays for Area Rugs

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Carpets are a wearable object -- they get tread on daily and can take a lot of abuse in high traffic and dirty parts of the home. Eventually, your favorite carpet will require some care and attention to repair the damage that accumulates with service. A few of the more common repairs we do to restore carpets to their original look are:

Carpet Fringing

Hand fringing – this technique most accurately reproduces the original by hand-inserting individual threads into the carpet ends.
End stop carpet fringing – This method attaches fringe threads to a double knot end stop.
Machine carpet fringing – Pre-made fringes are sewn onto the carpet ends.

Carpet Binding

Hand overcast carpet binding
 – available in several techniques to match the existing binding.
Machine serging – a less expensive overcasting alternative to the above.
Machine carpet binding – cloth strips are sewn over edges. Most economical.
Machine reinforced carpet binding – for commercial carpets.

Carpet Restoration

We also do original technique re-piling and reweaving in Turkish and Persian knotting. This technique allows us to perform invisible repairs of holes large and small. With hand re-piling we can reproduce the original design in specially dyed wool, cottons and silks to match the damaged area and recreate the original look of the carpet.

Colour Run Removal

Some synthetic dyes are not fixed fast enough to the fibers and the consequence is that they are more likely to run in moist environments or in wet conditions such as spills and water damage. Also, inexperienced cleaners cause this problem by applying the wrong process at the wrong time.

We have the knowledge and experience to identify this potential problem before we begin and can take steps to mitigate color run at the time of cleaning.

In some situations, water damage can make the effects of color runs irreversible; however, we can often remove the damage or at least make it look better.

Stain Removal

We have various treatments that are excellent at removing stains from carpets from common spills such as wine, food, paint, and pet urine.

No matter how careful the owner, accidental spillage often occurs and stains are not only visually disfiguring but may also damage the carpet fibre. The longer a stain is left the more difficult it is to remove. However stain removal is a complex business depending not only on the content of the stain but also on the composition of the carpet. As much of the spilled liquid as possible should be soaked up immediately using absorbent white cloth or blotting paper. Do not be tempted to ‘rub’ the affected area. A conservator should be contacted as soon as possible.

Carpet Underlay

A carpet underlay is a rubbery grid-like layer between your carpet and the floor. This carpet pad gives you three benefits:

  • It adds comfort, giving your rug more cushioning for walking, sitting and lying on the carpet.
  • It ensures your safety by preventing the carpet from slipping when you step on it.
  • It extends your carpet’s life by reducing the effects of wear.

We offer two grades of carpet padding for your comfort and carpet longevity.

Premium quality heavy carpet underlay:

  • Durahold – for hardwood floors.
  • No Muv – for carpeted floors.

Medium quality lightweight carpet underlay:

  • Sultan – for hardwood floors.
  • Magic Stop – for carpeted floors.

Additional Services

We offer many services in addition to those already listed:

  • Sleeve of loops for hanging – cotton sleeve or individual loops sewn on the back of the rug to accept a hanging rod.
  • Velcro for hanging – Velcro hand-sewn onto the back of the rug for hanging.
  • Sleeve for fringes – cotton sleeve sewn onto the back of the rug to cover fringes
  • Rubber siding – rubber strips sewn onto the back of the rug to keep it straight and flat.
  • Carpet Shaving – smoothing and leveling uneven pile areas.
  • Carpet Backing – covering the entire back of the rug with cotton canvas.
  • Downsizing large carpets – creating smaller rugs from larger rugs.
  • Carpet Appraisals – for insurance evaluations.
  • Damage reports
  • Carpet Pickup and Delivery – unmarked vehicle available upon request.
  • Carpet Storage – carpet is cleaned, moth sprayed and wrapped. Process is repeated every six months.
  • Stair runner installation – with or without stair rods.