Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to answering common questions and concerns of our customers. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, send it to us via Email or call our office at 604-684-8444 and we will be happy to help you.

What about indoor air quality and carpet ?

We are all concerned about the environment we live in. But when we talk about environment we usually only consider what is going on outside of our home. Yet we spend more time indoors than we do outdoors. It is time to turn our attention to what we do, to ensure good indoor air quality. It has become fashionable to apply all kind of sprays and other substances to carpet. Why take chances ? Your carpet comes to you well engineered from the carpet mill and it cannot be improved upon by the consumer. Sensible, regular maintenance is all it requires to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

How frequently should Scotchgard or Teflon be applied to carpets ?

Cleaning does not remove the fluorocarbon soil protectors. It does however, abrade from the fiber surface through traffic. Rule of thumb is to renew the coating after 5 to 7 years.

Can you clean leather furniture ?

It requires many hides from different animals to cover a sofa. Tanning of the animal hides has a bearing on texture and colour. Unfortunately cleaning can accentuate hue and texture difference and make the finished product unsightly. For these reasons we do not clean leather furniture. Some consumers have reported good results by using saddle soap and warm water on leather.

Can upholstered furniture be cleaned in the home ?

Furniture can be cleaned on location in the home, but it does not render the best possible results. Since the cleaning technician does not see the finished, dried product he does not know how successful his attempts have been. His machinery and cleaning process are limited by what he can carry into a home or office, whereas, furniture brought to a cleaning factory can be subjected to different procedures, quickly dried in special drying rooms, inspected, spots and stains removed and heavy soiled areas cleaned for a second or third time. Upholstered furniture cleaned in a cleaning factory will therefore produce far superior appearance and certain fabrics can only be cleaned in such an environment.

What about pet stains ?

Rarely can pet staining be completely removed from wall to wall carpeting. Area rugs which can be brought to our cleaning factory, where they can be thoroughly rinsed, have a far greater chance of successful stain and odour removal.

What about spots, spills or stains ? Will they all be removed by the cleaning ?

The different fibers used in producing carpets, or upholstered furniture, have different characteristics, such as how much liquid they will absorb or what food dyes can stain them. Therefore, successful stain removal can vary greatly. Our crews use a variety of chemicals to achieve maximum success but we cannot guarantee that all staining can be removed.

What is the cost ? Why is there such a great variation in prices between different carpet cleaners?

The simple answer is: quality in workmanship and reputation. Skilled, experienced and schooled technicians take pride in their work and it shows in the end result. Rather than use harsh chemicals to achieve a surface brightening, GRANVILLE crews rinse your carpets clean, remove spots with expert techniques in a separate operation, and achieve a near new look, which lasts far longer. Two men crews move furniture and truly clean carpets from corner to corner. When it comes to low advertised prices, keep in mind that in the end this advertised price will be greatly inflated by adding additional, unnecessary services (bait and switch). So what originally may sound as a ‘good deal’ may cost more in the end. Rapid re-soiling is the biggest consumer gripe of cut-rate carpet cleaning. Guarantees are only as good as the company that stands behind them (reputation).