Carpet Appearance Management

The purpose of carpet maintenance is to retain the original appearance and texture of the carpet as long as is possible by keeping the soil content and stains to a minimum. This will in turn prolong the life of the carpet.

It is not traffic that wears out carpets, but dirt on and in the carpet. Whenever people enter a building, a certain amount of dirt, mud and grit comes in with them on their shoes. This soil is deposited on the carpet, and eventually works its way down in the pile. Many of these particles, especially sand, are hard and sharp like broken glass, and as the carpet fibres are pressed repeatedly against the sharp cutting edges, they are eventually cut loose from the pile.

To prolong the life of your carpet and protect your investment, these sharp particles of grit and sand should be kept to an absolute minimum. And the only way this can be done effectively is by regular and systematic cleaning with soil removal equipment.