Wall To Wall Carpet Cleaning

Carpets which are installed wall to wall need to be cleaned on site. To ensure maximum soil removal and effective restoration, we use mobile deep steam extraction units, which we bring right to your home. With these units the carpet fibers are actually “rinsed” clean, removing the sticky soils and staining matters, colours become clear and bright again and the carpet’s resiliency is restored

What is the cost?

We like to look at the carpets to be cleaned before any work commences. It gives us a chance to inform our cleaning crew of the soilng condition and any special equipment required. We also give the customer a written estimate at that time and arrange for a convenient time slot to do the work.

What is the drying time? How quickly can I walk on it?

Complete drying, even in our extremely humid climate, takes usually less than 24 hours. You can walk on the carpet, while still dump, as long as you have clean soled slippers or shoes.

How about all the furniture?

Ideally, all floors should be clear, which in most cases is impractical. What we would like our customers to do, before our crew’s arrival, is move all breakables, bric-a-brac, plants and stereo components. If the closets are to be cleaned, they need to be cleared of all things on the floor. The major pieces of furniture whhich remain in a room will be moved by our crew, the carpet cleaned and then the furniture placed back in it’s orinal position. Special foil squares or styrofoam blocks will be placed under all legs to prewent rust or furniture marks. These liners should not be removed for 2 or 3 days to prevent staining. Drapes, which touch the floor, must be kept off the damp carpet until carpet is completely dry.

Will cleaning affect wallpaper?

Whenever wallpaper and carpet meet, it is impossible to avoid getting the wallpaper wet. Most wallpapers are water resistant but if this is not the case, stainig, where carpet and wallpaper meet, is a possibility.

How about stains?

Certain foods, beverages and cosmetics contain dyes or chemical which cause permanent staining which cleaning can not remove. Generally speaking our crews are trained in special spotting techniques which will remove the majority of spots and stains.