Our Rug Cleaning Process

First Step
The rug beater removes loose soil and grit.
Second Step
After the rug leaves the beater it is spread out on a sloped cement floor and inspected for areas of special concern. Any stains are pre-treated with various spotting agents, heavy soiled areas or fringes are agitated by a rotary brush or a high pressure detergent solution jet.
Third Step
The rug is now placed on a conveyer belt which transports through the MOORE ROLL-A-JET area rug washer. This system is specially designed to imitate the traditional washing of oriental rugs by placing them in rivers and kneading the soil out, by treading on them.
The machine performs 4 steps:
First a detergent solution is applied under pressure, then soft rubber rollers, with an up and down motion, squeeze the soil out of the rug pile. This is followed by a thorough rinse with hundreds of gallons of cold water.
The final step is the removal of the water by squeezing the rug between huge rubber rollers.
Fourth Step
After leaving the machine the rug is now hung on 16 feet wide steel poles in a heated and humidity controlled drying tower.
Fifth And Final Step
The final and most important step in the process, is the inspection while grooming the rug pile with a specially designed pile lifter. If during this process the critical eyes of the cleaner are not completely satisfied, the rug will enter the cleaning cycle again for a second attempt to restore it to it’s original beauty.



This popular option for area rugs combines cost savings and a faster turnaround cycle when you bring rugs directly to our factory. It is particularly well suited for smaller carpets, that can be easily transported in your vehicle. Our friendly staff are available to help you with moving larger goods in and out of your vehicle.

Lug-A-Rug allows you to drop your area rugs at our factory at your convenience BUT most importantly saves 20% of the cleaning cost.

Our business hours are:

Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Saturday 9:00am to 2:00pm
Sunday Closed

Our Address

Granville Carpet Cleaning has moved to a new cleaning plant location in North Vancouver.

North Vancouver Cleaning Plant:

#121 – 1305 Welch St

(entrance on West 1st)

North Vancouver, BC V7P 1A9

Vancouver Drop Off Location:

Around the back of Mavyan Carpets on West 7th Ave and Granville St. is Granvile Carpets new drop off location.

2229 Granville Street

Vancouver, BC, V6H 3G1

Telephone (604) 684-8444

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We Care For Your Oriental and Other Specialty Rugs

The home decor you choose is an expression of your personal taste and life style. Your rugs are also an investment that you will want to keep looking like new. Gritty dry soil tracked indoors can scratch and cut rug fibers. The longer soil remains in your rugs, the more damage it causes. Extend the life span of your rugs by vacuuming high traffic areas daily to remove gritty soil and be sure to thoroughly vacuum all of your rugs at least once a week.

Oriental rugs are often more than floor coverings. They can be one of a kind works of art. They should always be taken to oriental rug washing specialists, such as Granville, which have the expertise and right tools to do the job. If you think your Oriental rug may be valuable, it may require additional special care such as re-weaving or other repairs.